2018 Hmong Pageant Winners

Paj Nyiag Thoj

Paj Nyiag Thoj

Miss Hmong Wisconsin

Paj Nyiag Thoj, Miss Hmong Wisconsin 2018 is an open and friendly young women whom may talk a little bit too much but that is because she just loves people and making friends. On her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and guitar, although as she eloquently puts it “not very good at it.”

I’m also very geeky and love to do geek stuff. Another thing I enjoy doing is singing. However, my singing voice should not be heard for fear of everyone becoming deaf. I have a very strong personality that will not waver due to anyone’s opinion. With that, I am very ambitious and stubborn. If I really set my mind on something I am passionate about and want to accomplish, I will not rest until it is perfect. If I want to do something, I will do it and no one will be able to stop me. I stand up for what I believe in and will not back down for fear of criticism. If we fear being criticized we will never be able to make a change.

My dad’s favorite saying is “Sauv muaj ntuj, hauv muaj av. Tus neeg phem yeej tsis yeej tus neeg zoo” (“There is a sky above, and land beneath. Those who are evil will never beat those who are good”). When you commit a sin even if there is no one to see, there is the sky and the land who are witnesses to your crime. Therefore, I strive to be the best version of myself everyday. Even if there is no one around I will do what I believe is right otherwise I would no longer be me. To me, good will always prevail even in the sight of evil. My mom had always told me “Tsis txhob saib dej ua ntu saib neeg ua plhu”(“Don’t judge water by its tides and people by their face”). From that, I learned to treat everyone equally. Even if I don’t know you, I will treat you like one of my good friends because I honestly believe everyone is good in their own way.

Ever since I was a child, my mom had always told me stories to help me fall asleep. My mind would be filled with stories about fantasy characters and magical worlds. As a child, my feet were never on the ground since my head was always in the clouds. I would always day dream about being in another world and interacting with others from that world then I would use those thoughts to write different stories. Stories were a way of me creating my own world to escape to. Which made my stories quite personal to me, so I never really shared them unless I had to for a school assignment.

Originally, I went to school with the major Biology. I wanted to become a cardiologist. But no matter how well I did, I was never really satisfied or passionate about becoming a scientist. After much thinking, I realized my love for reading and writing never really faltered throughout the years. With that, I decided that I would use my passion for writing to become an author and publish my own stories for others to ponder about. I am excited for others to experience the world in which I live in inside my mind.

Over the years, I have learned to build a very thick skin. Therefore, I am a very emotionally strong person but I also have a very sympathetic heart for others. I truly love my Hmong people and I feel their pain. I was not given the title Miss Hmong Wisconsin to be a pretty figure with a smiling face. I was given this title to help my Hmong community. Therefore, I will use the opportunity bestowed upon me to fix things in the Hmong community that I truly believe needs fixing. A year is too short, but I am optimistic that you all will support me in my future endeavors.


Paj Nyiag Thoj, Miss Hmong Wisconsin

Maiv Dawb Yaj

Maiv Dawb Yaj

Miss Hmong USA

Maiv Dawb Yaj resides in Wausau, WI. She graduated with her Associates Degree in Culinary Arts in 2016 from Madison College and is currently a Senior attending the University of Wisconsin – Stout for her Bachelors Degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management. During her spare time, she enjoys: baking macarons, sewing, teaching dance, traveling, and emceeing for new years and celebrations, and last but not least, volunteering in the Hmong community.

As Miss Hmong USA 2018, I have many goals to accomplish before my term is over. My first goal is to bring to light the issue of domestic violence within our Hmong community and to work with our Hmong men and women to educate, protect, and prevent further violence. My second goal is to create a documentary in honor of our Hmong veterans who had fought in the Secret War and to thank those who are currently serving the United States today. Last but not least, I would like to advocate for the continued teachings of our culture, traditions, and talents amongst our Hmong youth. – Maiv Dawb Yaj (Miss Hmong USA 2018)

Maiv Xis Yaj

Maiv Xis Yaj

Miss Hmong Minnesota
Sheng Lee

Sheng Lee

Miss Hmong Central Valley

Sheng Lee was born and raised in Thailand for 8 years before her family migrated to the United States. Right now, she is 20 years old and lives in Fresno, California. Sheng is currently a third-year college student at the University of California, Merced majoring in Psychology and minoring in Natural Science Education. Growing up in a traditional Hmong family, Sheng’s parents always had high expectations from her due to the experience they had during the Vietnam War and the lack of opportunities given for education wise. Back in Thailand, her parents could not afford education for her and her siblings. Sheng was not given the opportunity to go to school and be able to learn how to read nor write. However, when her family and herself migrated to the United States knowing that education was free and given the opportunity to open her eyes she took the opportunity for granted and attended school to better herself and be able to enhance her education skills. Even until this day education is playing an important role in her life that has made her the person she is today and she is thankful for the given opportunity.

Growing up and seeing the struggles and hardships her parents had to go through really strived her to go to college and not have to face the struggles her parents had to go through. Sheng believes that every girl should go to school, such as a four-year college at least to be able to achieve their goals and succeed in life. In that case, Sheng knew that she was a just a typical Hmong girl whose parents spent most of their lives farming and did not want to live that life. As a result, Sheng wanted to go to college and prove what she was capable of achieving in life.

Education is the key to many opportunities. Seeing her parents struggling, and working hard to meet ends need has inspired her to get a career and become a counselor. Becoming a counselor, Sheng can educate kids that come from the same world or background that she came from. She also wants to help kids and pave a road for others. Sheng truly believes that in order to be successful; pursuing a higher education will help her get there.

During Sheng’s free time, she enjoyed giving back to the community and volunteering in many different tasks such as promoting higher education to high school students during the educational conference at UC Merced, tutoring for an after-school program, babysitting at daycare, and helping boys’ and girls’ club during Halloween, etc. She was also part of the Miss Hmong Teen Pageant 2014 and had placed 3rd place as well.

Seeing other young Hmong girls reaching their goals to become Miss Hmong it has always been Sheng’s desire to be able to become one too in the future ever she was a child. It is a dream of hers that she has always wanted to accomplish. Growing up, watching her Hmong sisters be on stage, Sheng learned many different ways of how to love, embrace and have confidence. She personally believes that the experience that one got from being part of the pageant is priceless. Each year the numbers of girls participate in the pageant competition was not as high as before. One of her goals is to build a connection with my Hmong sisters and be able to inspire them to participate in Hmong Pageant. Sheng believes that one would never learn how much potential and confidence she has if she did not have the opportunity to go on stage and speak in front of a huge audience. Therefore, she encourages all her Hmong sisters to try something that has never done before and show what they are capable of because she believes that practice makes perfect and no one is perfect.

Touchao Thao

Touchao Thao

Prince Charming & Mr Hmong Arkansas
Amély Nkauj Paj Lyfoung

Amély Nkauj Paj Lyfoung

Miss Hmong Solidarity (France)
Cindy Cha

Cindy Cha

Miss Hmong California
Ther Yang

Ther Yang

Mr. Hmong Oklahoma

Ther Yang is Mr. Hmong Oklahoma 2018, a male pageant based in Oklahoma. Sadly no female contestants for a Miss Hmong title this year. He is currently residing in Tulsa, OK with his parents Nhia Yang and step Mom Kia Lee. His mom Thao Vang and step dad lives in Milwaukee, WI. He is very active in the community working along side OKHY (Oklahoma Hmong Youth) since 2012 holding various board seats and currently is the Historian. This year in 2018 he would like to run the OKHY board as Chairmen and see what he can accomplish like the previous chairmen. He is also a very talented qeej player and he wish to reach out to the younger generations to learn it so they too can keep the tradition alive. He also loves to sing kwv txhiaj and learn other Hmong traditional songs. He also loves to travel with his friends and make more friends with people he met along the way. He is also a back up singer for the Hmong Oklahoma Collaboration, the famous song, Hmong Lub Kua Muag, which was written to describe the hardship of Hmong people and their journey and was written in honor of GVP. He is a part time comedian and likes writing comedy skits along side his best friend Tupao Xiong. They both created T&T Wb Tsis Funny in 2015 and are pursuing to make more videos and do bigger comedy projects in the future.

He graduated this year 2017 as an Licensed Practical Nurse and is pursuing his Bachelor’s in Nursing in the future. He became a nurse to help teach the Hmong community health care and the benefits of self care. His passion is to help pull in the generation gaps so that the younger generation understand why our parents and grandparents fought so hard for us millennial.

My main goal during my title is to make a documentary of the journey of our parents to the Americas. I notice that the older generations are getting older and we are losing so much history through the lost. I have many things to do and accomplish but to be honest I don’t know what I’ll do. There are many opportunities out there but first I’ll help my community first. Start from the bottom up.

I want to give thanks to my all my sponsors and thanks to my trainer Der Yang. I also want to give a special thanks to my two best friend Lasia Xiong and Tupao Xiong who has been with me through so much. Without you two I would’ve been me today. And lastly thanks to my parents and family.

Lue Yang

Lue Yang

Mr Hmong Royalty 2018

Lue Yang is Mr. Hmong Royalty, a pageant based in Wausau, WI as part of the Hmong American Center in Wausau and the Wausau Hmong Festival. He is currently residing in Milwaukee, WI with his parents, Chai Pao Yang and Keomany True Thao.

Currently, he is pursuing his bachelor’s degree and will continue to pursue a master’s degree in higher education administration. Also, as of current, he is the Youth Advocate for the Hmong American Women’s Association, a social justice and Southeast Asian women-lead organization in Milwaukee, WI. He has a passion for building and fostering youth leaders to lead and pave the way for the Hmong community and the Southeast Asian community as a whole.

I will use my platform as a nraug nab and community advocate to create spaces for our Hmong people to come together to learn about the importance of: young leadership, challenges and issues that our community faces, and cultural preservation. I hope that I will spark positive changes and someday eliminate the issues of injustice we as a Hmong community and people of color face every day.

My goals and objectives as Mr. Hmong Royalty, 2018 is to: build and foster youth leadership, address and make aware the issues and challenges in the Hmong community and then how do we start to solve these issues or overcome these challenges; and finally, to bridge the gap between the older generation and younger generation to preserve our Hmong language and culture.”

This post will be constantly updated throughout the Hmong Pageant Season.


Miss & Mr Hmong Alaska has been CANCELED.


Miss Hmong Arkansas – Jennifer Lix Xaiyasang
Mr Hmong Arkansas – CANCELED

Miss Hmong Southern California – CANCELED
Miss & Mr Central Valley –
Miss Hmong California – Cindy Cha
Miss Hmong International –
Little Miss Hmong International Princess & Prince – 
Miss Hmong Teen International – 

Miss Hmong Teen Colorado – N/A – CANCELED.



Miss Hmong Florida has been CANCELED.

Miss Hmong Georgia has been CANCELED.












Mr Hmong Midwest –
Miss Hmong Midwest – 

Miss Hmong Minnesota – Maiv Xis Yaj
Prince Charming – Tou Choua Thao
Miss Hmong American – See Vang Thao






New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina
Miss Hmong Southeast Puav Pheej – CANCELED

North Dakota


Mr. Hmong Oklahoma – Ther Yang
Miss Hmong Oklahoma – N/A



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia

Miss Hmong America –
Miss Hmong Wisconsin – Panhia Thao
Miss Hmong Teen Wisconsin – Hli Ci Xyooj
Miss Hmong Madison – Nkauj Hnub Lauj
Mr. Hmong Universities –
Mr. Hmong Royalty – Lue Yang




Miss Hmong Solidarity 2018 – Amély Nkauj Paj Lyfoung

Miss Hmong Allove International – Nkauj Hnub Li

Miss Hmong Laos – Nouvongsa Lany

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