The MISS AND MR HMONG Pageant returns year around with contestants from various states vying for the title and crown which will change the course of their life. Depending on which Hmong New Year’s strict guidelines, there are usually one to two full days of preliminary interviews, swimsuit (mainly in California) and evening gown presentation. Majority of the votes are conducted by a panel of judges (not fans of the competitors) and these judges select the semi-finalists who will be named during the final night on the Evening Gown and Final Question.

Hopefully, with this digital age we hope to accomplish a more fan based vote during each stage of competition. In coordination with the judges, will help determine the winner of each competitions. Hopefully!

The only incentive so far for the winners are: a college scholarship.

Hopefully, the non-profit organizations behind each of these pageants will fulfill their duties to extend the winners in providing them to travel, develop and represent their platforms in raising awareness and funds for a charitable initiatives. In hopes of a better organization, to one day to accommodate MISS AND MR HMONG personal appearance wardrobe, events including: casting opportunities, movie premieres, fashion week, sporting events and career opportunities.