Being an official volunteer for H4U can earn you rewards in a variety of different ways. However, it depends on what the Hmong Organization requires you to do. Read the following to get a better understanding of some of the areas we frequently require help in. Other opportunities may arise from time to time, but these are the most reoccurring.

Merchandise – Must be 18 or older! Involves selling and keeping track of artist merchandise ranging from t-shirts, cds, and various others. Sometimes involves handling money, and could potentially require lifting heavy boxes (25-50 pounds). Typically involves getting there approximately 1-2 hours before show time and staying up to 1 hour after the show. Multiple shifts will be created as needed.

Load in/Load out (LILO) – Must be 18 or older! Load In (LI) generally requires you to be there well before show time to help unload equipment. Stagehands help out during the show setting the stage in different arrangements for the different performances taking place. If this is your only duty, it will typically require you to be there an hour before doors open and will require you to stay to help with Load-out (LO) or tearing down the stage and helping load the trailer back up. All duties require the ability to lift heavy objects (50 pounds or more).

Runner – Must be 18 or older! Runners are responsible for transporting bands and crew members to wherever they need to go. This requires not only a valid drivers license and clean driving record but also up to date insurance, a good knowledge of the city, and a presentable vehicle. In instances where your own vehicle is used, you are assumed responsible for all fuel costs unless otherwise expressed.

Hospitality – Must be 18 or older! Hospitality volunteers are responsible for taking care of our artists once at the venue. This includes setting up green rooms/dressing rooms with food and supplies, keeping water and drinks cold and readily available, and occasionally running out for supplies and to pick up catering orders. All supplies will either be pre-purchased, but you are assumed responsible for all fuel costs unless otherwise expressed.

Street Team – Much of the success of the pageants can be attributed to word of mouth and all the social media content we have. You are the best form of advertising our fan page can utilize and we want to reward you for your efforts. Anytime we have fliers available for concerts, Hmong pageants we’ll let you know and you can download the flyer to print out to hand out. Hang them up at your schools, your work place, churches, supermarkets, or anywhere else that it can be publicly displayed and we’ll give you a free CD for helping us out! Just e-mail us and let us know where you hung your fliers (and be sure to get permission before you hang or it will be taken down and that will defeat the purpose). Get creative and we’ll dish out bonus prizes! So place it in your church bulletin, paint a giant banner to hang at school, get a tattoo across your face… well, better make it a temporary! The more creative we find it, the bigger the reward. Just send a picture of your creative idea to volunteer@hmong4u.com.

Street Team also consists of social media marketers from various social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter, at the moment we’ll stick with Facebook.

V/Bloggers – We are currently looking for avid v/bloggers (video blog / writers) alike who share a passion to shine light onto the Hmong Pageants. You’ll be going back stage to conduct interviews, taking selfies and going live on our official Facebook fan page.

Additional Rules
The purpose of the street team is to create a reliable group of individuals that want to help out the H4U affiliations, and can be called upon when we need and represent H4U at its very best. To do this, the most important characteristic of our volunteers is trust and integrity. When you are volunteering for us, you are a representative of H4U to any guest we bring in, and we expect you to conduct yourselves with the same standards that any of our volunteer staff members are held to. This can include being entrusted to handle large amounts of money, the safety of yourself and our guests, and creating a friendly and pleasant interaction with other audiences. Any violation of these standards will result in the immediate removal from all volunteer opportunities. Likewise, if you agree to help volunteer in an area, and fail to show up or notify us of your absence, you will be ineligible for volunteer duties for a length of time at our discretion. Repeat offenses will result in further action be taken.

H4U is not responsible for any injuries or accidents sustained while volunteering. All volunteers should be aware of the risks, while in some cases small, and by volunteering you are stating you accept the risks involved with each particular job duty including, but not limited to; auto accidents, back injuries, sprains, strains, and falls. All submitted pictures become property of H4U and may be used for promotional purposes.

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